Trust and Sincerity

In love there are many things

Mutual levels of melancholy

Growing passion and dedication 

But above all is trust


Trust in your partner

Trust in who you are

Trust in where you stand

Trust is not meant to be broken


Love is not the only place for faith

Faith has its place in all aspects of life

The swill and disrespect people throw at it

Leaves  a taste of bitter acid and asphalt


Credence no longer exist

In between citizens and their country

The vast majority of lovers

Some say they have trust

But there is no sincerity


Love can be lost

Love can be found

So can trust

But not with those who don’t understand it

Trust has become both fiction

And something  to be feared

For it can be sincere or an utter illusion


Do not botch trust

Do not ridicule trust

Love and respect trust

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