Monster From Within

You cannot run

You cannot hide

You can only pretend

Pretend to not know me


I am always there

No matter where you go

When you breathe

Where you walk in brightness and darkness


I am everything you fear

Fear of what you truly are

A mad man

A mad man feeding off of maelstrom

Lust filled desire for no rules

Embracing what is seen as psychotic to others

But to you is rather enthralling


You’ve lived a terrible lie

That you are a follower  of rules

A follower of dictation and artificial structure

This is not who you are

You are aware of your own illusions

Yet you have not fulfilled  your true self


You and I are the same

Yet you act as if you are divergent

Sane and soft is not you

Part of society is not you

You are an ugly insane realist

This is a beautiful and right way to be


Teeth sharper and rustier than an old man’s razorblade

Breath more foul  than a feces filled sewer

Eyes darker than a starless night sky filled with dark clouds of pollution

Hair greasier than exploding rich Venezuelan oil reserves

Body more bruised, cut and beaten then a disfigured Frankenstein

Hands scratched  deep by the likes of a mountain lion’s claws

Nails  more full of dirt and several malodorous swill

I am the ugliest thing you’ve seen, smelt or known

I am the monster from within 


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