Boone and Jacque: Saddleton Haunting

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Boone and Jacque: Saddleton Haunting by [AG Flitcher, James Lillich, Holly Walrath]

Boone and Jacque: Saddleton Haunting by A.G. Flitcher is the third book in the Boone and Jacque series. There have been reports of a blood-sucking, red werewolf-like spirit appearing in the town of Saddleton, nightmarish to every being who encounters the ghastly living curse. Boone, Jacque, and Shammy, now orphans working under the rule of their new king, along with others, are sent on a journey aimed at retrieving that which will ensure the eradication of the town from this looming spirit. Hardly do they know their mission is more than simply a search for answers to an external cause, and they are constantly going to be accompanied by love, rifts, anger, and uncertainty along the way.

This engaging fantasy novel is replete with dreamlike elements. There is an eight-legged, four-eared, diamond-eyed, flying squirrel, and a house that is completely covered with tea cozy’s. Furthermore, there are flying…

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