To Love or Not To Love?

Inhaling the scent of belief

Belief in anger and love

Longing for reason

Reason for justification of what has become an illusion


I cannot fathom where you come from

Understand why  I believe in you

You cut me repeatedly like a fearless mongolian

Beat me like an aggravated gorilla

Do you not want to be with me?


Being told to not scold or hate you

Told not to look for you 

But rather let life bring you to me

This I cannot will into my heart


Others will see this as a temper tantrum

I see it as a cry for understanding

Not lack of belief or trust

Love is not meant to be broken time and time again


True love only exist once

It only grows no matter 

If one person is no longer breathing

Or if both take their last breath hand in hand


I have always committed to you

To when you were happy

To when you were angry

To when you needed me most


Myth is how i’ve often described you

Only because I could not bare losing you

All I’ve ever wanted was to be you

Be love


The depth I’ve tried to create

In order to anchor myself in depression

So that I may portray what I feel when I am not with you

Has been a great deal of heartache

Not for how I made myself feel

But how I let myself feel


A person’s struggle is no more than a moral grind

Trial and error to what will be true happiness

I have found you time and time again

Yet you escape me every time


I’ve always been one to inquire you

Inquire you to the point of annoyance

Never have I been so shattered

Please tell me

To love or not to love?

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