Fade In, Fade Out, Fade In

Crawling, crawling, crawling

No strength or desire to stand up

Still, still, still

Embracing the cold hard ground and pouring rain

Kissing, kissing, kissing

My decaying sanity morphed into insanity


Sporadic feelings of hope, fear, anger and hope again

No sense of success, No sense of true bliss

Toxic and engulfing oil suffocates my heart again and again

Dark images painted onto this canvas 

Visions of different shades of red and black

Rip me from the inside out


A strength breaks out with true force

Only to be crushed into the rubble

Strong desire to be free not yet subsided

Incredible fatigue towards failure grows

So does my insanity yet there is something  stronger


Something resembling a bull

Nostrils flare, eyes widen, hooves dig into the dirt

Ready to tackle fear through aggression and passion

This bull fades into the left, fades out a back gate, 

Fades into the right, fade back to the gate


Then launches itself into fear itself

Annihilates fear runs up to success

Stands proud having won its battle

Against the monster named Fear

He has faded in, faded out and faded in

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