Unforgiving Wind


 Lying still

In a coffin no

Bigger than a shoe box


Nowhere to go

Nowhere to hide

Nowhere to be found


Claustrophobia settles in,

An immaculate push

Brings this coffin and I

In a blinding circle

I only see one shade of

black and nothing else


Nausea creates an internal

And upsetting storm

Constant back and forth

Between physical and mental pain


No understanding of where I am

Or where I should go

If I’m permitted to leave


Should I be set free?

From this unforgiving wind?

I’ll be welcomed by a

Blue calming sky

Kissed and caressed by the ocean


My eyes finally open,

Lay upon a mythically

Beautiful creature

Fluttering its eyes

With its soft coat that

wisks off water like little


I thank the unforgiving wind

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