Breaking Elastics

Purple leprechauns covered in warts and toads

Jive Hawthorne needle boots in my head

Squish – my heart has lost its throttle

Laughing trumpets

Shake the cerebrospinal fluid. Break elastics.

Siphon cyanide out of you

And into my voicebox. Wheeze and vomit

Affection like filling a water balloon till it burst

Cranky is the ancient wizard

Of wicked smiles and full spit shined silver platters

Peter Pan’s food has leaked through the table

Taking the color down to earth’s core

Burning into nothingness. Breaking elasticity

From yellow smiley face’s pink bubble gum

Bird’s beak sharp from hot buffing machines

Spring my rib cage open

No heart thumps or squirts

No vacancy – just an empty crummy motel

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