Smoke and Sand

The man with a broken nose

Sat in his morose filth – glum chum

Breathing sharply as his sapphire heart

Pushes against his thinning skin

He can barely open his eyes

To look at the sad old man

In the reflection of the dead TV

Bouncing off of the night light

All he’s ever known is self doubt

Fed by baby cries and thick bubbles

He has drowned the cries and burst out of the bubbles

But sometimes the cries and bubbles comeback

Today he is in a bubble

Which has changed to a night ocean blue tint

He throws off his thick and dark blanket

And bashes his scarred fist against that glass bubble

The bashing vibrates the walls

Making him collapse

For the shards of his heart

Have ripped through his skin

He bleeds his cocktail of suffering and frustration

But not the damaged blood his heart pumps

He cannot feel pain without it

He needs pain to live

When the bubble’s walls stop vibrating

His heart settles down

But he still bleeds and crunches his eyes

He wants a new heart

Sometimes a bad heart disintegrates

Making room for a smaller and healthier one

But when or if that new heart comes

Is unknown

For now he will bleed out all his pain

For the bubble will not shatter its walls

Until he has no pain to strengthen the child’s cry

The child will be left behind, and he will be nothing but an empty shell

From that shell will emerge

A blank canvas and a brush

He will have to create his own color palette

To replace the ones he knows

The pain has pooled around him

He tries to drink it with a cup

But the poison never touches his lips

His desperate cries shatter bubble into blue ash

A paste has been made with the pain and sand

Left behind from the disintegrated bubble

As soon as he’s up, the wind whisks it all away

The TV turns on and whispers “Smoke hides fear.”

He looks around

There is no smoke – there is no TV

He runs at top speed, only to realize a terrifying reality

He was never in a bubble, there was no crying child

He was the creator of his smoke and sand

But now its gone, and he can see all his scars

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