Half Dead Leaf in a Mass Grave

The earth cries on me as my body softens

Like tasteless ice cream running down a child’s hand

The earth’s tears leach from the soil beneath the bodies I rest on

Rest – the biggest lie I tell myself every second I lay here – No one can see me

The sky is not bone dry

But I don’t see or taste a single tear

At least the ones that aren’t mine

The ones’ I have run in their own direction

Winds comes in as quickly as someone opening a curtain

Which must’ve been heavy because my tears have left me

Alone with those that have left life behind

I wonder how long before I do the same

Suddenly, saturation leaves from within me

To the edges of the sky that has become sapphire blue

The wind takes me to my mother

Not to live, but to give meaning to the word rest

May my half life fill the immortal goblet of fire

As I look at my mother’s closed eyes

Grateful I’m with her and not the breathless

For I am ready for lavender air

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