Lean on

I need my crutches so I don’t fall

So I remember I am not whole

I need fantasy to bleed out reality

Bleed out what makes me want to punch a wall

What covers my ears

Whether it’s me or one of you

Cannot prevent the pummeling bully

The one enemy I’m tempted to tango with

I prevent cement from becoming wet around me

Inviting me to sink until it hardens without color

Because I have color and I intend to paint with it

I let them play outwardly before they become a beige mess

I cannot stand by myself

For stilts and chair break my fall

Not from earth but from the cassette of self doubt

Which I am thankful sits at my feet all alone

No one wants to play that tape more than me

A thought I dance with less and less

A thought I dance with – no more

Crutches will always save me

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