Burnt Toast

Fuzz and buzz push the walls of my brain

In on themselves like a flattened cardboard box

Hiccup as I crease my eyes shut

And press my aching hands on my head

I let go of my pulsating skull

Blood flows once again through

Stiff muscles of awful anxiety

I cannot let go of the voice

There is a little devil

Who won’t stop squawking at me

I’ve fed him self doubt and grapefruit love

Even added honey all over everything he adores

Fuzz and buzz turn red hot

Blood is accompanied by panic sweat

My ears beg me for an archaic orchestra

I backhand them – begging becomes understanding

The boy, the girl, the human must smile

Through terror of the treadle of darkness

If need be, rely on color and rarest love you can find

Hopefully, it will stop you from burning the toast

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