My fingernails fill with soil

As I look above me – brain buzz

A plastic crinkling pulls on trees around me

My eyes cannot connect clarity to the questions I have


I stand up

Certain of the soil

Embedded in me from the place

That I had been planted in for far too long


I crunch my toes in nature’s debree

Dried twigs, thorns, and old pieces of me

But none of that matters as I seek what I can’t see

I can feel the oil in my hair thicken with sweat as the plastic gets louder


The roots from my feet are as afraid as I am

But how they exercise caution to fear is different

For my body sparks solar flares and smokes

Whereas my roots pulsate and drip bad blood in the ground


I can smell the acidity of the soil mix with the rotting smell of bad blood

But I can’t see the wall someone is trying to close in on me

I am grateful to have been planted here

The trees’ strength will force the dome to tear itself


The tearing gets louder as it burst and echoes

I see the translucent wall in shreds

One that could’ve killed me

But the universe’s love for me is unwavering


Neither are the roots

Now that this wall has come down

I want to leave with my immortal roots

But every time I pull my feet up, they bleed more


My eyes see everything in shades now

My roots never spoke to me verbally

But their actions hack my volition

A loud shunk from behind makes me collapse


A person came as quick as a camera takes a picture

They have cut my feet and my roots

Which have become one with the earth

And I grew new roots and new feet


But I am left in the dark

As quickly as love falls apart

My broken heart has melted in my hands

And I have nothing but a small light for a raw start

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