Snuff Out Mock Love

A man I know too well

Was lying on the ground one day

Violet rain slickered and soaked him

Leaving no dry spots


The color in his face, what was left of it,

Pooled around him

Suddenly, the purple rain pelted him harder

As the ground carried his color away from him


His protruding ribs spoke loudly to the overcast

Saying that he deprived himself of everything

The overcast did not care for deflation of spirits

Even though it didn’t hide irony as it covered the Sun


The man popped his eyes open to let the rain in more deeply

As it deepened, he felt light enough to meet the earth with his face

He asked, where is my true love?

The earth sighed with a heavy hum


Unsurprised, he folded his arms and rested his head

Facing east, staring at a tree with a small opening at the bottom

He got up on all fours, but the overcast groaned and slammed him to the ground

It shouted-Do not go to the one who wishes you turmoil and torment you sad fool


The man wanted nothing but love

Drained of hope, he laid once again on his back

He frowned at the overcast as fog thickened around him

It weighed down on him heavier than the purple rain


Nevertheless, he knew old acidic flames must become dust

They have been licking the inner walls of his mind too long

Digesting and passing them through his body was an impossible feat

If only the dust infested his ever crying eyes that poured oceanic tears


Despite the repetition of the words I am still here,

He couldn’t wither away the kindling that covered his flickering neon red heart

He wish he could, but the blood his heart pumped always leached on to fuel for fire

As long as he rested underneath the tree of emotional torment,

He knew, he would never snuff out mock love




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