Stories inspire hope

Hi everyone,

I was thinking about the interview I did at YVR Authors for my book Boone & Jacque: Saddleton’\s Secret. I was well prepared beforehand, but recently I thought of additions (or alternatives) to some questions.

1. Why write this book? Is this why you wrote this book?

One of the most important questions a writer, or even to all artist, is What is my why? As in what is the purpose you want to have as an artist, or in my case a writer?

I never asked myself that question until my teachers asked that repeatedly. I didn’t even know the answer to that question when I wrote this book. In addition to that, it’s not even my first time writing. I’ve been at this, as I said in the interview, for seven years. I realised what the answer was while I was working on a new book. In which I’ve been doing a lot of reading in between writing sessions.  It boiled down to what reading books has given me.


Hope that no matter how hard life gets, I’ll keep trying to get the things that matter most to me. That as life gets harder, frustrating at times, I’ll let go of things I thought were important to me and find what is important to me.

Books can inspire hope because each character is either trying to achieve something good or bad. Sometimes they don’t get to choose whether or not they want to make a change in themselves or their life. In reality, life will do that for you without you asking for it. It will take something or someone away from you to see what you’ll do. Test who you really are. If you are aware of that, you can tell for yourself if you are either brave or cowardly.

When I originally answered this question I was being specific to the book I was promoting. But really, I hear the question differently. I hear Why write?  This book was the start of me finding the answer to my Why as a writer. Now that I have my answer, I will make sure I hold on to it. Regardless of where my writing takes me.

2. What was your book journey like as an author?

There is only one additional thought to this question.

Which was me asking myself what I want out of a book as a reader? Specifically, what would make me feel like I could reread this over and over again. There are so few books that can do that. With movies it is easier because it only requires a click or push of a button to watch it. Where as for a book, you have to do some of the imagination and thinking yourself.

The answer I found on my journey through this book, is a sense of comfort and gentle release of emotion. I want to root for the main character but not be annoyed at the antagonist. I want to come to love the antagonist for being part of the character’s journey to change.

We all have something or someone we fight for. We can’t do that if nothing pushes us to do it.

3. What is the promise of this book?

Not all readers become attached to the main character. Some get attached to the antagonist or secondary character that reminds them of themselves or someone they know.

That in mind, I promise that if you can’t relate to the main character, you’ll find one you can connect with. Or maybe there’s a scene that reminds you of something that happened in your life. Maybe the way it is played out in the book is either to your liking or not.

I don’t expect everyone to like my book. But I do know that what I have promised you is true.

Those are all the additional thoughts I have for my interview.  So I will leave you with this .

This blog is not for promotional purposes. It is simply me wanting to connect with all of you. Whether you are able to directly with me or if this blog intrigued you to buy my book, you could also connect with me as a writer.

I hope you are all doing well through the pandemic.


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