Emerald Ruby Cherry Tree

My bark can no longer mulch into the ground

Nor will it ever fall off of my stagnant body

For those who have come to visit me

Have taken my air and soft flesh


Blood no longer runs inside me

You will never know how much I cry

Or what lies beneath the shine of what you see

If you have run out of breath, remember it was mine first


My home’s soil that has been extracted for artificial smiles

Has made creatures run from me to hug my old friends

I miss their chatter and gratitude to be able to hide within me from prey

However, I don’t miss the sound of anger that stems from human greed


I may shine and grow what appears to be fruit

But I cannot feed them to you

Unless you feel a need to cut your mouth with tainted jewels

It is my hope, my fantasy, that my bark will mulch when I pass, and my fruit will fill your sweet tooth

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