Words for what hurts deflate meaning

Quicker than false love’s mimicry of adoration

The weight we wish not to carry

Will never sluff off of us through incessant cries


It is not what we say or want to say

That will make us feel lighter than grey clouds

It is what we cannot see that follows us

For if we understand their need for us, we can float


Blessed be the needle that pricks us

Whenever our skin bubbles like hot wax

From our worries that have built dams

Across the branchial ravines embedded in our air


Those who pricked us are hard to see

For they only do so when we run towards madness

Nevertheless, we always feel them

For adrenaline bark we build is not thick enough


To arm oneself with a sensation of safety

Is as useful as clearing out our sinuses that are free of sickness

Cleansing a clean soul leads to profusive pain

We must not allow the haunting of ourselves erase the good in us


Our ghosts will follow us wherever we go

But we must understand that their intentions

Is dictated by how we perceive ourselves

If we believe they bare us ill will, it is because we are the ones who feel we deserve it


They will become monsters if we need them to be

Monsters are not born of darkened fear

They are born of unforgettable moments of terror

Moments created by those who have seen the evil in ghost


We must learn to love the ghosts of our past

They will only hurt us if we want to hurt ourselves

Our eyes will ache of emotional fatigue stretched till sanity snaps

If we do not forgive ourselves for feeling and enduring darkness too long


Let go

Let go of terror

Let go of terror spawned from others

Let go of terror spawned from others and yourself



Believe in balance

Believe in balance between light and darkness

Believe in balance between light and darkness before it becomes muddled like oil and sand


Our ghosts choose how to treat us through how we choose to treat ourselves

Do not let your choices spawn a haunting you can never escape


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