Free of my husk

The child who couldn’t walk on his own

Has freed himself from the shackles and fibers of the family tree

In which he always sat next to the trunk, comforted by fear and love

But eventually he saw them as the obstacles pulling him into bad soil


A cloud of sour grief

Birthed arms that took

Those whom had lived long enough

To be given a chance at experiencing something


I’ve been given a life to experience everything

Over and over and over again

My head has exploded with electricity and sludge

Over and over and over again


Endless nervous energy spilling out of me

Should be enough for me to walk out into the wilderness

And enter an atmosphere full of those who have freed themselves like me

I will bring fear and love with me as friends, not bad soil


For they can bring great power and sweet citric acid

Into a place I can fill with a sense of feeling complete

Like a roasted chicken dinner followed by chocolate pudding

I welcome tears of all kinds – they will feed the bulbs in my hands till they blossom


Whatever form joy will take

Fear and love will be at my side

Not as things that can’t break

But as friends who understand who I am

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