Little Marshmallow Eater

From happy chews of sweet white pillows

To slurps of bowls of estranged savory flavors

You have always been the person who just wanted to be happy

Left to her own devices, loved ones and all that keeps her smile strong


I never understood the source of what keeps you vibrant

What keeps you from falling apart like me

Fall victim to my heavily salted sensitivity

But I know we are still bonded by blood and love


I always worried about everything

Losing people as they went about being themselves

And losing myself as I rip the roses out of my garden of esoterica

The universe grabbed my hand before the roses bled out profusely


How we all create or find our ideal place of eternal joy

May not mingle or mix well like hot water and lavender honey

At its purest, it is more likely to pair as well as water and tainted oil

Your eternal joy is so untouchable I shall never dare touch it


One day I will find my place

Hopefully you will be there to see it

And I in turn will carry myself with great presence

We’ll share a bowl of the estranged flavors that bond us together

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