The Lost Faceless Soldier

He cannot see what his eyes fear

But he can feel them shake

As he turns with no purpose

Clenching and unclenching what buzzes and hurts


The desert of self made biohazardous wind

Makes him miss the humdrum days at home

Ones without inescapable turmoil and bottled tears

The symphony that pulled at his heart through the bow of his body tickled his mind


He stops in his tracks that have no reason to pitter patter

And  ripped out all the corks that held all the power

To what kept him from opening himself to what his eyes could see

When he did, cold air shot out of his mouth, spewing until the air was clean


He was clear of what took hold of him

However, paranoia settled in as longing for love

Grew bigger when he saw the power puddled around him

Feeling each strike of the knives that scarred him so deeply he couldn’t see them


When he looked up, there was a mirror that surrounded him.

He couldn’t see himself as he was at that moment

Because it only showed a midnight black husk

One with similar body proportions


But there are no scars

No unworldly diamond cut character

Just a useless canvas no one wants to paint

When he dared to touch it, it melted in his hands and evaporated


He has a face now, but he’s not sure how to present it





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