Careless Wind Mage

She inhales my rested heart

Blows powerful anxiety high on caffeine

Into my once blissful, camomile calmed chest

Blood circulates and bubbles at an alarming and ever climbing speed

Heartbreak becomes jealous of blood’s opportunity to play with this mage


However, the heart should not be covetous

For the mage has no remorse for the blackhearted game she plays

A game that is never the same every time it takes someone lost beyond reason

Someone who lost all hope and direction towards pure light and sweet nectar of warmth


Love is fleeting

Like a lion cub

Wondering why his mother left

And never came back


But my love for you my sweet Annie is esoteric

Like a garden of flowers that make you forge anything else exist

No one understands the powerful spell that grabs you by the heart

And drowns your eyes from seeing your weaknesses and feeling your pain





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