The Thinning

From bland colored brick to tasteless cookie crumb

You’ve become brittle pieces swimming in the sea of buzzing pain

Wondering how you still float

And hear others move along the maze of love and death


Mustard tanned street lights blink when you pass underneath them

Flabbergasted by the increase in the number of breaths you take

Every time they hear your colorful yet bleak pulsating thoughts

They hiss and cough louder than blood bursting out of a heart like a solar flare


Stitching snapping and crying of air

Follow unguided twinging steps

Each one too shy to take the lead

In a hushed dance


Every hunk of you has tried to lump together

Using imitating thoughts of euphoria

 Acting as thin blood orange syrup  

Which runs and stiffens all over you


Others float like you, but not in the same sea

Their pieces float at the bottom of the bitterest coffee

The host clanks the cup on the ceramic cream plate

Staring at the seagulls swarming a garbage barge


Let me guide you through this hub hugging others not like you

Some have host who try to piece their souls together

Through words and empty laughter

Their fading honesty makes my chest wheeze and squeal


Others are quite similar to you

Only, their host is brave enough to use touch

Pass on or share their pain as they exchange face cutting tears

Letting the blood and toxicity trickle and maybe even pour out of them


I cannot see you in here because you are barely floating

I can hardly see the tip of your nose

Even your host is having trouble dancing in the hacking wind

Why do you give him the impression that you want to drown


I have done what I can to show you what you’ve become

Something tells me you’ve always known

That you’d be nothing but bland crumbs

May no host grow desperate enough to eat what is left of you

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