No Name Ethereal Saviour

Ground daubed in splintered eggshells coated in crumbled boiled yokes

Is the only soft surface I can abandon

No nicks, no mar, no swift grabs by phantoms

Because you were there to dash depravity

I cannot breathe without your utterance

My penchant for the right hit, needs

Something vehement

Love is not enough

True addiction speaks like a rubik’s cube onion

Layered like yarn tangled in hawthorne bushes

Hollering is as common as sighing

So settle your strumming, and pluck along with Mr. Flamenco

Cadge for red honey heat

The only edible cure

Mollycoddling egos is not beautiful

Like a paintless brush stroke

There is no need to whimper or blubber

When you lift me onto hot coals

I know it is for a reason

I can stand the twinge

What I can’t stand is me – forlorn

But with you – my confidante,

I respire air, bone dry of my own black-hearted heat

Throng my lungs with unorthodox seabreeze

Never leave in the lurch

For what comes out of my mouth

Will go fusty

I cannot unpack myself without you

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