Acid runs rampid inside me

All walls scream and scratch themselves

Beg blue faced mercy

But the monster denies their demand


You shall never taste the rare rose of mystical bliss

It’s purity does not love those that cry to no one

It cannot save them

It cannot extinguish fire within the fibres of the tortured child


The acid can’t stop running because it doesn’t want to

Thorns and coal crusted glass shards will still cut your feet

Tar and black rain won’t lubricate wounds till they jump out like leeches

Your heart can’t stop pumping that black sludge thickened by time and monsters


An anvil untainted by the rust of the chains

Breathes out weight onto the crane of your softened skull

Embracing inner demons race track along your undying and unwanted memories

This embrace awakens blue ink thick like paint, it drips into your oesophagus


Crouching like a pained gremlin

You beg, you yell, you gag

For your body to reject it to the point of forced regurgitation

Something demandingly says “NO!”


It forgets that the soul will eventually fade

If that something continues to say no

It’s greatest tsunami will come to fruition

But it won’t have a soul to torture

No light to squash with spiders, poison ivy, thick oil and swill

The soul will simply accept its faith

Accept defeat out of pure fatigue

Go ahead, exhaust it, drain it of love and light

Hopefully you’ll win, you’ll have what you’ve always wanted from him

His purity, his love, his essence of who he is

You’ll have all of it before he had a chance of knowing he had all those things

You’ll be the monster you’ve always wanted to be

And he’ll be nothing

but an invisible tasteless vapor over a manhole

that serves no purpose

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