Beyond the Blister

Blisters are gentle

Compared to the thought

of not running from you

You, the wrong color

to paint on my face

When I want to laugh, cry, love

and kill


My breath burns the forest around me

As hot acidic tongues of the dead lick me

Mistakes and regret slap me with needle sharp nails

Leaking unknown and unforeseeable trauma and bad decisions on me


My feet won’t stop moving

away from the white zombie

He wants my weakness

He wants me to become heavy like a dead elephant


I can’t stop

I can’t stop eating my cementing soul

Water is seeping out faster than a cloud hiding the cowardly sun

Light and people acting like their happy, cry and vomit at the sight of my beat up feet


They do not know

That I love my crusted, blistered and grit filled feet

A story of hatred, fear, loathing, hunger, sadness and desire

Scratch the soft earth until a breeze whips over my head

As unknown claws rip my brain out

I know longer have to remember why I’m running

I can keep going, with no excuses or tear gas blinding

I want to run forever

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