Last Nightmare

Leaky unknown cave drips

Salty water on my head

Beads of water carry minerals

And dirt down my forearms


Blink once, I see chains on my wrist.

A dead dog haunts me only a few feet away –

I’ve never loved a dog in my home

My eyes close as they pan down my chained ankles


Breathe deep as I flutter my vision clear – Awake

Day has whitened a small hole into a waterfall

Rocks chuck down like asteroids

A gust of wind hurdles one towards me


My ribs breaks and puncture my lungs

I feel my heart getting stabbed

But the pain goes on too long

Its all I feel and all I see


I’m in an empty white room

With my first love

And a wedding band on my finger

She hands me a knife and says “there’s no door”

I take the knife and stab it deep in her chest

But I’m the one who bleeds

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