Ignore the Little Devil

I can’t stand steady

With your cigarette stench

And crusty feet

Blown by whisky dead beat dad breath

Down my neck and into my clothes


Why are all these atrocious monsters

Always near me?

I cannot go back to the rabbit hole

Circular self-hating arguments

Belch in the void of whiny voices


Constantly hearing boys and girls cry wolf

Drinking their sorrows till they sing with plastered smiles

Livers shout as they get bruised and old too fast

Hearts never healing because the mind is too afraid to do it himself


I want to join in but I’m afraid I’ll like it

I’m afraid I’ll want it more and more

But I can’t

I can’t because I’m too wired to be numb


The little man in my head can’t scream anymore

I’m too loud for him

He doesn’t like the show I make him watch

But I love the show


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