Deep in the Fryer

A long lost being floats

A couple feet above the ocean floor

An invisible foot wants to crush its Neanderthal skull

Through the floor so it may not restart history


This foot belongs to a tall fellow

Taller than any city lovin’ business man

Loves money more than he loves to satisfy his ego and libido

His sagging chest and stomach full of garbage and expensive food

Don’t way enough to crush the little being nearing the bottom of the ocean


The little being grows as time slows his heart beat

His muscles and tendons become more solid than any metal

Vascularity and clarity loosen locked joints as he allows the foot to plant

Him into the oceans floor. Somehow he gets even stronger and bigger.


He pushes the tall man a few feet higher than him

Not too far away, an underwater volcano burns red

He grabs him by the ankle and performs a reverse

Achilles tale. The giant is thrusted back first

On top of the volcano. It erupts beautifully

As the little man emerges from the bottom of the ocean

He leans over the giant’s gullet and spews toxic waste and plastic


He wipes his mouth

Then walks away.

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