Hollywood slip’n slide’n fast

For years Hollywood had a fascination and passion for remakes, reboots, sequels, live action adaptations and franchises. All of which has evidently been for the sake of making as much money possible.  The big issue with this is that a large majority of movies receiving the limelight and large funding are failing.

Here’s why this is happening: Audiences are now aware that they aren’t dumb. That’s really all it is. For years Hollywood has felt that they have to “wow” the audience. Most movies that break box office records tend to either be the flashiest action/superhero movies or glamorized dramas.

What drives me nuts is when I read things like “Hollywood is running out of shows to reboot”. Oh really? What are you ever going to do? Hmm, maybe original content? If someone asked them that they’d laugh. Because all they want to hear are what I like to call “Money Bells”.

Money Bells is when Hollywood thinks an idea for a movie can make the biggest bang for their buck. For example Harry Potter. When they saw how big Harry Potter became (and still is) they had a huge amusement theme park built and have a huge prequel series planned.

This goes to show that being a brilliant and original writer doesn’t matter anymore. It used to decades ago but over time the industry somehow convinced themselves that all audiences are stupid. So stupid that they focus on sex, action and drama.

Funny thing is that the best original content available to us North Americans is on Netflix. Isn’t that sad? A streaming service that you watch at home in your underwear has quality that matters? I’ve found more heartfelt, funny, invigorating and edgy content on Netflix than Hollywood has produced in decades.

In other words, Hollywood has to forget about money and get a fresh start. They must realize that “big and loud” doesn’t always work. There used to be a time where the best movies were the ones that made you feel something emotional when you leave the theatre. Not “that was epic!”

It’s like the comparison between eating junk food or healthy food. One is a craving that only taste good while you’re eating it then you feel like crap after. The other is something your body craves and will have positive lasting effects for your well being. To put this bluntly, Hollywood, please listen to the writers whom want to showcase their original content.


Andre Gress

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