Unforgiven: All in the family – Gavriil

This a snippet of a scene in which the family meets Gavriil for the first time in many years.

Right underneath the painting was a small black drape covering something that seems to be mounted right above the top corner of the fireplace that is roaring high and hot. Crackling, snapping and illuminating a man draped in a black bathrobe accompanied by a large hood. He slowly takes off his hood as a greasy sound emits itself off his oily, messy and matted horribly black colored hair. Not only that, we also see his hands are this grey and nearly transparent color with black veins showing. Long nails with cracks in them, wrist with burn marks and crusted puss.

He turns around revealing himself to be Gavriil. A near exact look alike of what Henry saw in the mirror when he was shaving in the train. A repugnant looking man (if you can call him a man) whom seems to have crawled out of a grave right before completely decomposing.  His skin the color of an ugly grey translucent; covered in scars, scabs and completely disfigured.

His jaw seemed rather strong and locked, which is awed because he smiled. A smile that would haunt you. Lips dryer than rust flaking off an old pipe, teeth black and yellow rotting out of his head. Tongue that seems to have been chewed by a mad dog, possibly infected and smells of old filth.

His robe was open enough to show a huge red scar starting from the middle of his chest down to his upper abdomen. It didn’t look like it was sewn properly either. His eyes had this eerie clearness to them. Quite possibly the only feature that seemed untainted. Sky blue with eye lashes neatly treated. A forehead with more wrinkles than a Shar Pei dog.

Amelia looked nauseous just looking at him. Seems fitting upon looking at this horrid man.

“Good evening my dear Fieldies. Tell me, does this sound familiar?” He asked then pressing play on an old looking tape recorder.

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