Unforgiven: All in The Family – sneak peek

Henry wipes the rest of the shaving gel off his face. While he is rinsing his face a drop of blood drips from his upper lip. As the drop becomes one… two… three drops they become darker, eventually turning into a dark greyish color. Thickening as they approach the drain of the sink. It’s as if he was poisoned by something venomous and demonically ugly.

“Fuck!” he said startled by the look of the blood. He looks back at the mirror and examines his face. He notices no sign of a cut or feel any sensitivity. Suddenly a PIERCING SCREECH echoes from wall to wall redirecting itself into Henry’s ears. As if a bullet is slowly passing through his ear. Only instead of a quick moment of pain followed by death he endures insane and long agonising pain.

Convinced and consumed by this nightmarish agony he SCREAMS in terror as if being horrifically tortured. Rosy hears his blood curdling scream and begins to howl and bark as she runs to the door. Henry’s voice gives out and a loud thud is heard as he collapses. Terrified of what had happened to him Mary comes running seeing Rosy crying and scratching at the door. She opens the door revealing Henry hugging his knees.

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