Gentle Rose

At the beginning of my grief

Of your physical departure

I was left in disbelief

That you were no longer a living character

A character I love


No person ever understood me

The way you did

No person expressed love and joy

The way you did


Forever reaching out to others in adoration

To those in need of a hug

In need of guidance without hesitation or a shrug

Or simply wanted a friendly conversation


My heartfelt sorrow

For the end of your story

Your story with the one’s that knew and still love you

Grows stronger and deeper everyday


Despite the fact that time has passed

It has not deflected or weakened my wound

My public expression of emotion

Has given the impression that I have adapted to life without you


The truth is my love for you

Is far too intense and deep

To let go of my grief that I should not keep

However I will do my best to be strong for you


I am still at a loss of the end of my character arc

Some have told me who I ought to be

Others have left me in the dark

I no longer know who my character might be


You were always kind to simply listen

Others made my sense of content darken

I could always rely on your positive energy

Now I can only rely on myself


One day I will see you again

Hopefully through thoughtfulness and duration

I’ll go on a journey that is lengthened

Through love, care, strength and passion

Farewell till we meet again my gentle rose



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