Letter to Turtle

Dear Turtle

Our time together although short and sweet

Has left me overwhelmed on a lonesome street

Far away from our amity


What I considered true love

Is something I’ll never be able to part from

Even when I leave this earth up above

Your last words left a sensation of maelstrom


I am doing my best to move on

Alas my heart says no

Shall I let our memories be bygones?

Or shall I move swiftly forward like an arrow?


I can question your departure forever

But I know it will do me no good

For this sadness shall not balker

In your affection for me that now feels misunderstood


For the longest time I was lost

Lost in what was unrealistic

My feelings and frustration I must accost

For what we had was fantastic


They say when one leaves you

For no longer feeling mutual attraction

Old feelings must be withdrew

I am unsure of what to do in all this commotion


To end this letter

I shall praise you for your persistence to follow your passion

For I am doing the same with valor

My frustration to your departure I shall not blacken

Please know I am not mad

May all good and wonderful things happen

I shall always care for and love you

You will always be my turtle 

And I’ll always be your sloth


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