Love Note To Mr. Sorrow

It is imperative that I seek

The true bleakness of your being

For you are are a greater creature then I am

Look not at who I am

Do not look at me at all


I am nothing 

But a shadow of who you are

Your aura has a chocolate velvety coating

That emits  this raw potency


When my eyes linger to you

My body becomes transparent

I forget my place and even my name

When you utter who you are and what you feel

I wonder whether to worry

Or embrace my jealousy of your bravery


To be so vitreous and without fear

Of prejudice or acidic words spewed by others

I cannot control my jaundiced eye

Part of me loathes you but I favor my jaundiced eye

I’d rather be jealous then loathe  you


You are a bonafide artist

However you are neither a poet nor a man

You are a fortress of raw emotion and bravura


These words I leave you are 

Nothing but admiration

Not meant for poetic purposes

Just love for you Mr. Sorrow



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